11081340_10152659863301196_98083986281626614_nWe Love your APPA entries and offer a “one-stop shop” test, print, mount and mat and delivery service.

Take the worry out of entering awards by letting us help you take your precious imagery from completed file to an on-time entry.


1. You upload your files to a dropbox folder named  QEPPA2019-yourname  which you share with our printing@darrenjew.com address, or deliver your files to us in person.
2. We assess your files, discuss paper alternatives with you, make a test print of each.
3. You assess your test prints, either at the studio under awards lighting conditions or we post them to you.
4. You make any adjustments you want to the file based on the test prints, or we make them for you under your direction.
5. We print your final prints.
6. You can assess the final prints at the studio under awards lighting conditions.
7. You make your on-line entry and send us your Print Labels so that we can fix them to the back of your entry. You also send us your Print Case.
8. We mount and mat your prints to awards specifications.
9. We pack your Print Case. You are welcome to come to the studio to view your mounted prints.
10. We arrange for delivery of your Print Case to the QEPPAs.

Here are the dates to consider, note if you get in early you’ll make the most of the service.

File delivery dates and their costs.
before 12 April      $245 for 4 entries Additional entries $61.25 ea
13 July to 1 May     $295  for 4 entries Additional entries $73.75 ea
2 May to 17 May   $345  for 4 entries Additional entries $86.25 ea

No files accepted after 5:00pm 17 May 2019

22 May          On-line entries close (if we’re delivering your case we MUST have the print labels and your case by this date please send earlier if possible)

27 May        All print cases are delivered to QEPPA on your behalf

Student Special:
early pricing: before 1 May  $150 for 3 prints
2 May to 17 May $180 for 3 prints

Emerging Photographers:
early pricing: before 1 May  $195 for 3 prints
2 May to 17 May $235 for 3 prints

Plus any postage costs for those who can’t get to the studio to assess their prints.

Additional test prints beyond 1 per file $5 each.

FILE SPECS: Our system is calibrated to the following PRINT standard D60: 6000k / Gamma 2.2 / 80 candela.

Colour space/profile: We can work with sRGB files but our Canon printer has a wider gamut than that, so to get the most from your work we can work with Adobe(1998)RGB files. If your monitor is limited to displaying sRGB (example iMac etc), stick with sRGB if you want predictable results.

File size: We accept files sized to output size at 300ppi. Minimum print size in 2019 is 26cm on the long edge. We can also work with files of native resolution, and do the downsizing to print size for you.

File type: Prefer .tif or .psd flattened… no layers thanks! 16Bit preferred. Don’t send jpegs.

Paper Choices: We can guide you on the best paper for your image if required.

For those outside Brisbane: If you are outside of Brisbane and require your tests and/or entries to be mailed we need your files by 1 May 2019. You will be charged $15 for test print express postage service.

*Tests from any files received on 2 May or later will ONLY be able to be assessed by the author at our print studio at Shop 5 357 Logan Rd, Stones Corner Qld 4120.

PLEASE NOTE: This Awards Printing Service is in no way associated with the AIPP, and supplying your files to Living Image Fine Art Print does not constitute an entry in itself. You must enter awards via the AIPP/QEPPA website.

For your convenience, here is a link to the QEPPA 2019 awards website.